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NIFFF Extended / Imaging The Future


The creation and use of FXs in independent or semi-professionnal productions on strongly typed projects. How to get the best cost / benefit ratio without sacrificing the artistic vision of the project and preserve the audience’s experience?

• Hassan El Youbi – VFX Sup., MA
• Isaac Ezban – Director, MX
• Victor Jaquier – Director, Screenwriter, Concept artist, CH
• Michael Krummenacher – Director, Writer, CH
• Simon Ratziel – SFX Sup., Screenwriter, AR
• Laurent-Paul Robert – VFX Sup., CH
• Laura Sanchez Acosta – Producer, AR
• Talal Selhami – Director, Writer, FR/MA
Moderated by Alexandre Poncet – Journalist, Producer, Director, FR

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